Thursday, 11 February 2010 :by John J Foster, is coming along nicely now, it has been a slow process but worth it, each day now I will be filling up the pages with stories, content, links to companies stores,and trying to ad content that will be of interest to those visiting the site.

Already got some nice content about holidays in 2010, some good low cost holiday to chose from.

Of course the main purpose of the site is to help people find things quickly and to do that i have to keep the pages down in size. but of course i can just put up many pages with links from one page to another a bit like a story book that way they will load very fast.

Also this year I have fetch some of my other sites under the fastlinxs umbrella, and so is now is now and so on but you get the picture.

My reasons for doing this is transferring over to my new servers in malaysia they can not host but they do offer me a much better deal in so much as,I now get unlimited webspace and no monthly quotas to worry about.

This open's up so many new things to me and will allow me to make grow and grow and grow. My aim for 2010 is to add into my sites convenience such as adding twitter and face book links, plus the use of video and audio to make the visit to more interesting and hopefully rewarding.

I shall be adding and updating the site daily and be on the search for some great deals that can be had on line, and pass these on to fastlinxs visitors.

Please bear with me while I fill up the pages over the next few weeks, once that is done i shall be enhancing the pages on a ongoing basis, any comments or suggestion,good or bad you may have,you can leave comment's on  here or email me at

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