Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mutli Colour Trigger Fish: by John J Foster

This is our Multi Colour Trigger fish, got him last week and while he is supposed to be calm not aggressive, the first thing he did was to attack the cleaner shrimps. Lucky for me I have another marine tank with nemos in and transferred him over to that tank, and touch wood he's settled in OK now.

The smaller tank has a reef set-up with lots of hiding places and I'm surprised because of his size the small holes and gaps he manages to get himself into.

In fact the other day i got home and could not find him no matter how hard I searched the tank, he was nowhere to be seen.
So I put some small guppy fish into the tank and hey Presto!! he suddenly appeared and boy did he chase the guppy's - I also noticed he has quite a lot of teeth small but very sharp looking.

Of course he is the biggest fish in that tank and so is the king. And boy does he know it - He is so bossy to the other fish, but when it comes to feeding time it's every fish for himself - Size does not matter when its feeding time.

At the top I say Multi colour and he does change colour depending on the mood he is in, so far I have seen him turn blue with black edges, purple, green with tinge of yellow. but mostly he is blue.

Overall I would recommend this fish as one to keep not only because of his many colours but the way he uses his fins to swim - he is like doing a dance and wiggle at the same time, then when he want he can shoot so fast forward to catch his prey. ( small fish).

Ok well have a good day and thanks for stopping by, leave a comment even if its just to say hi.

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