Friday, 5 February 2010

What a week it's been : by John J Foster

What a week its been! Moving Fastlinxs website from dot co dot uk to has turned into a nightmare.

Firstly I changed over to another server from the one i was using at good service by the way) but cost a lot, My new provider is much cheaper and gives my unlimited space which is good because i was near my limet and had to delete stuff in order to add to the site - very time comsuming, anyway i degress, the point being getting used to the new server has not been easy.

Guess I just got used to the old system and any change can prove daunting in fact it took me ages to make the decision to change over to

This is where the fun began of course I must have been away with the faireys because i did not allow for the thousand of link changes i would have to make plus new contracts mean new start with the affiliate programs.

So two weeks in and I'm still not done - Still if it was easy it would not be as much fun (although at time i felt like pulling my hair out) no I'm not bald lol

So apologies for not updating the blog, but once the site is up and running ill be updating the blog daily with daily happenings from myself and new items of interest from the website

Keep with me, one of the things i want to do is pass on to you any bargains I come across in my dealing with the suppliers across the UK.

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