Monday, 31 May 2010

Danga Bay Marina Update by John J Foster

Some more pictures from the danga bay marina, in Johor Bahru Malaysia.
 danaga bay boats0107danaga bay boats0116danaga bay boats0105 danaga bay boats0106
  danaga bay boats0108 danaga bay boats0109
 danaga bay boats0111danaga bay boats0110
  danaga bay boats0113danaga bay boats0112
  danaga bay boats0115danaga bay boats0114
  danaga bay boats0117 danaga bay boats0118
  danaga bay boats0119 danaga bay boats0120
 danaga bay boats0101danaga bay boats0121
danaga bay boats0122 danaga bay boats0124
danaga bay boats0125 danaga bay boats0126
danaga bay boats0127 danaga bay boats0128
danaga bay boats0131 danaga bay boats0132
danaga bay boats0139 danaga bay boats0141
danaga bay boats0144 danaga bay boats0145
danaga bay boats0146 danaga bay boats0147
danaga bay boats0148 danaga bay boats0151
danaga bay boats0150 danaga bay boats0149
danaga bay boats0156 danaga bay boats0155
Lots of development and reclaiming of the sea going on in the area the Marina its also will be being develop at the moment its free to berth at danga bay till December 31st.
So facilities for the cruisers at the moment are basic but power and water is available at all berths.
It will be interesting to follow the development in the coming months of which I shall keep you updated.
Anyone sailing into the marina leave me a message I’d be happy to meet you and take you to the bigger shopping malls so you can get supplies.

Danga Bay Marina
Tel:(+607) 221 5688, Fax:(+607) 221 5688, VHF Channel 74
Danga Bay Marina is located just after a floating fish farm on your left, with several large fisherman houses on stilts on the right. From the entrance you can also see the distinctive roof line of the complex and four 14 storey apartment blocks which are part of the Danga Bay development. Call on 74 on approach. If no answer, anchor off and dinghy in.

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