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Hardcore Weight Loss by John J Foster.

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Hardcore is the name of a product I use to help build muscle and lose the fat. these two pictures are 8 weeks apart. I have lost more fat and defined more of the muscle area.

And to boot I have lost 4kg already while on my fat reducing programme ( That works). email if you want a copy of the programme. free of course.

It’s a programme that targets this stubborn fat, stripping inches off the waistline and promising to shift up to 20 lb in just six weeks.

WEEKS 1 & 2:
Have three protein shakes a day (recipe below).
Have just one meal a day, combining protein with fruit and vegetables low in starch and sugar (see suggestions).
You are not allowed alcohol, caffeine, or unnecessary medications, unless prescribed by your GP.
Drink plenty of water.
Get seven hours' sleep a night.
Add a little salt to your diet (to restore fluid balance).
Take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, ideally one aimed at the over-50s, plus 400mg of potassium magnesium (to replace lost minerals and prevent tiredness and muscle cramps)
every day.
You eat only the one specified meal (no dairy) and the three shakes - nothing else.

180ml (6 fl oz) water
2 tbsp double cream or premium coconut milk
1-3 scoops low-carb whey protein powder (from health food stores). If you weigh 9st and under, use 1 scoop; 9st-12st 7lb, use 2 scoops; 12st 7lb and above use 3 scoops)
2 tspns leucine powder (approx £8 for 250g

The plan has been devised to force your body to use this harmful abdominal fat as fuel, while at the same time re-training it to store fat in a more healthy and slim-waisted way.

The authors, Dr Mary Dan Eades and Dr Michael Eades say not only will you lose this dangerous fat, but you'll do so drinking shakes made with cream; and after the first two weeks, you are actively encouraged to include oils and fats in your diet. (how’s this for being different to other diets)

My first two weeks on the shakes were not as bad as I thought they would be, for a start I never felt hungry once.

Plus the fact that the evening meal I can share with family eating meats and veg (no potatoes or pulse) mainly greens.

My target was to get down to 86kg from the 90.5kg I was, (previously 115kg in 2006) having spent nearly 4 years trying to lose and I just could not get any lower than the 90kg.

I’m sure you can see my surprise when the scales started to tip towards the 80s.

 my weight 300410

Then even further…..



And so my new target having reached the 86kg is now 80kg be4 June. (I need to set targets to keep focused).

I’m on week 4 now and things have changed now I'm back on three main meals a day. no shakes.

Go back to three meals a day with unlimited meat and eggs (at least one 3oz-4oz portion per meal). See menu choices below.
Meals should be fat-rich but contain no dairy (apart from butter in cooking and a splash of milk in coffee).
Choose only low-carb fruit and vegetables (eg berries and leafy greens).
Avoid grains (wheat, corn, rice, oats) and flour, or starchy veg or pulses (potatoes, beans, peas).
You are allowed alcohol; enjoy a glass of wine, half a pint of beer or 1 shot of spirits twice a week; and caffeine; you can have 2-3 cups a day (ideally black).
You can start taking medications again - but as infrequently as possible.
Take 4-5 tsps of leucine (the amino acid powder you put in protein shakes) every day to help preserve lean body tissues (either as capsules or mixed with water).
Keep taking the vitamins, drinking water and maintain your salt intake.
If hungry, eat more fat and protein (not vegetables).

This weekend I go onto…

By now you should have lost quite a bit of weight (20lb is not unusual) and your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels will be substantially improved. (If you still have weight to lose, alternate the
first and second phase weekly until your target weight is reached.) The hardest work is over and now it's time to learn how to eat to maintain your newly slender silhouette.
Eat as much meat, fish and eggs as you like.
You can now eat full-fat dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, cream).
You can drink alcohol in moderation (2 drinks per day but not every day).
Continue to take vitamin supplements as nutritional insurance.
Start eating starchy vegetables and grains, but in limited quantities (no more than 12g of net carbs as grains per day - to work this out, subtract the fibre grams from total carb grams). This
means eating only one portion of any of the following: 1 slice bread (6-7g); 40g (1 1¼ oz) cooked rice (10g); 170g (6 oz) cooked porridge (10g); 1 large handful plain popcorn (5g); 50g (1
and 3/4 oz) cooked potato (9g); ¼ baked potato, including skin (9g).
As long as you stay slim, you can increase your carb intake until your weight starts to creep back. The more active you are, the more carbs you can tolerate.

I’m sure having looked at this diet you will agree its good the fact it encourages you to eat a whole range of foods including those from the fat categories

Having arrived at the end of the programme, you have a choice:
Continue with the last two weeks of the diet but enjoy the occasional dietary break (a croissant, cappuccino, decadent dessert after dinner). Make each break count. Plan it, look forward to it
and enjoy it. OR ...
Alternate every other day on week 5 and 6 plan with a day of 3 shakes and 1 meal (as per week 1-2 plan).
Stick with week 5 and 6 plan, but replace one meal a day with a shake. Select whatever plan you can stick with over the long haul and you will be rewarded with a lean middle far beyond middle age. (ha ha I'm well passed this – or maybe I'll live to 102 in that case its spot on)..

Wish me luck.


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