Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hot Water Springs in Johor Bahru by John J Foster

Today we went out into the country to the outdoor hot springs in Johor.

the hot spring outer to wash feet before placing into the inner hot spring 

The outer pool is to rinse your feet be4 you put them into the hot spring water which is pumped into the centre pool.

It is said these waters are of great cure to people with skin problems, all I can say is my feet were hot and aching but after five minuets in the water they felt so relaxed and pampered.

These are pictures from the road up to

the hot springs

road upto the outdoor hot springs road to the hot springs getting close to the hot springs

arrival at the hot outdoor springs

car in the shade of trees

more tree shots

area of relaxing around the hot spring  toilet block







So after spending time in this wonderful setting we went for a meal close by kampong, and wow it was fantastic.

beef redang(curry)  food from our lunch at the hot springs






mixed veg

omlet with tofu and mushrooms







food from our lunch at the hot springs

And the best part was it was all free (except the food that was RM39 for all that food and drinks. (7pounds 50p).

and to top it off we even got a bird singing to us as we left.

bird singing so loud in the trees

Map picture

the hot spring are are near Kampong Sungai .

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