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Penang 2010 by John J Foster


Copy (2) of Penang john feb 2010

I was in Penang earlier this year and had a wonderful time.

I drove up from Johor Bahru took me about 8 hours in total and was a pleasant ride with very little by way of hold ups on the roads.

Of course I had to laugh when Daniel the GPS wanted to take me all the way up to Butterworth to get the ferry, instead of using the Penang bridge which we was about to pass. (Got to be on the ball with these new systems that still have all the old roads and routes of travel stored in them)Copy (2) of view from penang royal hotel

Still I got to the hotel The Royal Penang hotel in Georgetown, and was really pleased by the welcome I received from the hotel staff, and even more pleased when I saw the room I had be allocated.

This was the view from the lounge chair.

So I got myself settled and thought about getting some food so used the room service menu (and very good one too) I ordered the Burger and a glass of beer. It came served with toasted sesame seed bun with cheese  and sweet relish and a side dish of Potatoes wedges. IT WAS GREAT…….

Copy (3) of Chinese new year greetings_2_1

This was the huge display in the foyer wishing all Gong Xi Fa Cai. and later the boys with the dragon dance troop came and gave us a great show.Copy of lion in action






Copy of lion teases the kids Copy (3) of P1020167

Copy (2) of P1020041 P1020097

They was so energetic doing the dragon dance I was tired just watching boys giving me thumbs upthem. but they got a huge  round of applause after and well deserved if I may say so.

This was the boys having a rest afterwards.


I then decided to go and have a walk round to the pet shop and look at some of the fish and pets that they had from all over the world.

The marine tanks were special to me because I also have them at home in two tanks.

Copy of P1020021They also had bird and monkeys in fact so many it was more like a zoo.

It was getting late and I was feeling hungry  so went to a nice restaurant and had a lovely steak meal.

Copy of P1020020


This was my started some nice French onion soup and crouton with cheese.

It was some meal I can tell you but I cleaned the plates dry (well it saves washing up lol).

Copy (3) of P1020028


This was the main lounge room with high chair to laze back and look at the view,

to the right was dinning table and chairs then the tv and mini bar at bit further up  the big bed then the bathroom.


Copy of P1010998

While out and about in penang I saw this cobra with its owner doing a show not far fro the beach.

I got close and noticed its teeth had been removed so while it reared up high with its collar flared out as though to spit It was harmless – would i get close to it NO.

Copy of P1010999 Copy of P1010997

kiss kiss and the big stare down it was all good fun. and the beach so nice too sand so white.Penang_beach

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