Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Still losing weight by John J Foster

As you can see by the photo below I'm still losing weight albeit not as much now but 0.2kg a day I’m very happy with it.

weigh as at 19052010


I can not remember when I was this weight and it feels really good.

I have been trying to lose the weight over the last four years by food control and exercise but not to target i had set 86kg

I was 115kg 4 years ago so you can see the above scale reading is quite an achievement.

Ok well I got an email one day about 4 weeks ago with a link to this eating programme which attacks mainly the fat around the tummy.

I thought wow! this is to good to be true but like everyone else who want to lose weight – I will try anything.

I’ll put a copy online so anyone reading this can down load it, (in fact I'll do that right now)

Ok by clicking the above link it will take you to my shopping website fastlinxs, but only to the download file section.

its in pdf format – Hope you enjoy the read and are as successful as me. – Leave a comment lets us know how you doing.

the following is a lead in to the diet plan

a husband-and-wife GP team have come up with a diet plan that targets this stubborn fat, stripping inches off the waistline and promising to shift up to 20 lb in just six weeks.
authors, Dr Mary Dan Eades and Dr Michael Eades, have drawn on two decades of experience running obesity clinics in the U.S. Not only will you lose this dangerous fat, but
shakes made with cream; and after the first two weeks, you are actively encouraged to include oils and fats in your diet.
has been devised to force your body to use this harmful abdominal fat as fuel, while at the same time re-training it to store fat in a more healthy and slim-waisted way.

And the cool thing is you can eat the good things, I just had a Bacon butty and it was so yummy…………………………………

To be honest I not lost any weight from the waist still 40 but its hell of a lot firmer and looks more taunt. (of course i exercise everyday)

Ok well till we chat again, enjoy your read and leave comments (clean ones of course ha ha)..I’m off down to the pool for relaxing swim and read.

this is the life

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