Friday, 4 June 2010

Lunch Out with Friends in Johor Bahru :by John J Foster

Lunch Out with Friends in Johor Bahru and another Sunny day here in Malaysia and temp is about 28o at 9am.
Meeting up with my friends today, going on a surprise meal destination somewhere in Johor Bahru, should be fun.
All I know is that the food is really nice and I will upload photos later for you to see.
Well after a tour around Johor Bahru city centre we arrived at the restaurant and to be honest never noticed its name something habib (street was very narrow and very busy)
It was just serving  Nasi briyani ayam and wow was it good, yum yum Plus a glass of sour plum and a take away portion cost for all was RM37.

Then we went to have coffee back at my friends house then onto look at some new contemporary homes just built in the city next to the library.

rm788.000 2 storey semi detached houses.
Nice and lots of light floods the centre of property via a central light well. 
but for me location to cramped lots of overlooking properties. but big house 3156 build up and land 3500 sq ft.

link to house info below.
All in all a really nice day, Thanks M & C

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