Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blindman not Linesman. England Robbed of Goal by Lampard. World Cup 2010

Blindman not Linesman how could he have not seen it was over the line.........
Quote live from

"ANOTHER FOR ENGLAND AMAZING! WHAT A CHIP BY LAMPARD! NO! THE REF RULES IT OUT! WHY? It's clearly a foot over the line after coming back down off the underside of the bar! Terrible, terrible decision!"

What do you Think???

Halftime score 2-1 to Germany.


Anonymous said...

Haha well said the blindsman. He has done it once again. He was previously suspended in his native Uruguay for six months for "irregularities", leading FIFA to exclude him from their list for the 2002 finals in Japan and South Korea. I hope we won't see him again in any major tournaments. My heart is bleeding for England, how do you feel as an Englishman ?

John J Foster said...

Well as an English man, I of course would have loved them to win, and one can say that had the scored goal been allowed, it could have changed the whole game.

But we will never know.

What I do know, is that Germany was by far the better team and some of the play was fantastic, far superior to England on the day.

but interesting infomation from your comments - thanks for that.

regards John

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