Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Breakfast Malaysian Style.

Breakfast Malaysian Style - I don't have it every morning because I would get so fat, and those of you who read my blog will know I'm trying to lose weight.

Roti Channi
I go to a place in Tesco Food Court, and get it served with a cup of tea and coffee mixed (really nice but pulled my face at thought if it when I first got over here from the UK)

But this is so easy on the system and keeps me going well past lunch time.

The other one I like is the Nasi Lemak (photo to the right) with anchovies one bed of rice served with a chicken drumstick.

There is a spicy sauce but served separate, it's a bit to hot for me.

Then I'll have some fruits and that's it till tea time about 3pm when I take afternoon tea usually on the balcony looking out over the sea to Singapore.
(Sounds grand that but in actual fact the part that I over look is more like a very fat river see picture below, looking from Johor across to Singapore) called the Straights of Johor or Straits of Johor depending where you are from.

(The Straits of Johor (also known as the Tebrau Strait, Johor Strait, Selat Johor, Selat Tebrau, and Tebrau Reach) is a strait that separates the Malaysian state of Johor to the north from Singapore to the south
Straits of Johor's most famous tourist attraction is the Lido Beach, located on the Malaysian side of the straits. Here, visitors can walk or cycle along the 2 km stretch of the beach. There are also numerous restaurants and food stalls like Tepian Tebrau where one can sample delicacies that Johor Bahru has to offer.)
The information above is from

You can find out all about Malaysia and Singapore from this link going back years.


Dokemion said...

I really love traveling. I enjoy the views, meeting new people and the most and it refreshes me. Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

They look nice on the plate but certainly heavy for the stomach. If you have seen how much oil they use to make and to cook the bread, you will think twice before you eat it again. I'm not a fan. Wish you all the best in your weight programme. Cheers

John J Foster said...

Thank you both for your comments,
I agree Dokemion, I too love traveling and trying out new foods and feeling the new cultures around me.

Only by travelling can you really understand how other people live their lives.

Anonymous, ha ha I agree with you but I just love them, its the ripping them apart with bare hands and dipping them into the dhal that I like and somehow eating with fingers it taste so much better.

I'm doing well with my weight program and down to 85.5kgs.

the good thing is its coming off me slow, so theres a good chance it will stay off.

Once again thank you so much for your comment it just shows me that i'm not in fact wasting my time.

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