Monday, 14 June 2010

Dentist Recommended to Expats - My 6 month Check Up

As an Expat having a good reliable dentist is a must!!
That's why I recommend...


Lot F27, Holiday Plaza,

Jalan Dato Suliman
Johor Bahru 

Tel 07-3311858

Today I went to see the dentist for my 6 months check up - It's not something I would do out of choice but something I believe to be proactive in keeping my teeth looking good and clean for as long as possible.

Once again I was given the good news that all is well in Johns mouth and to return in 6 months. 

So I proceeded then with the scale and polish, to me its like getting a maintenance check up like I do
 with the car. 

And I must admit I love the feeling after, running my tongue all over my teeth feeling the gaps and tasting the new polish he has just applied.

I have been going to Dr Lim since I came to Malaysia in 2006 and have been extremely please with his work - I had my front teeth filled with a white filling to match the teeth and the result has given me so much pride over my appearance - just looking in the mirror is a treat to me. I can now smile again with confidence.

Update May 2012,
Just been to Dr Ronald Lim, to have some work done on one of my back teeth, I was on holiday and the whole of outside crumbled and i was left with just the filling, i called the dentist today on my return and was fitted in for treatment within 3 hours, all was drilled filed filled and new color filling applied and set.

All this for just rm100. (rm1 =4.8 to sterling) = 20 pounds, such a bargain. so i'll return in two weeks for check up and a scale and polish for rm80.


expat medical insurance said...

What health insurance does American Expats living in the Philippines have?

John J Foster said...

Not being from the philippines I dont know, but you may like to view this blog, he is an americam living in the philippines

ball gown said...

A good blog title is a must. That’s the first thing people to see when they search.
I’ve also noticed the same result by using generic headlines. thanks for contributing!

SailorWT said...

Hello! Do you have a phone number for this dentist? I also see that the post is a couple years old... Still in business at that location? We are on a yacht in Puteri Harbour and looking for some dental work. Thanks, Bill

john foster said...

Hi Bill

Sorry for delay,07-3311858 is Dr Lims phone number.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, is it hard to make a booking there?

John J Foster said...

Hi Anon,

No it's so easy over here in Malaysia, Johor Bahru their are Dentist all over and are very good you can make appointments but also can just call in, if you are prepared to wait they will fit you in in between clients, and cost are very good to.
I use Dr Lim in the holiday Plaza Shopping Mall. tel 07-3311858.

By the way I have moved my blog onto my own servers making it better for me to give nicer blog experience you can come look at - all about johor bahru and my life here.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Is there any website where we can do appointment aside from the telephone number? Badly want to get my teeth checked.

John J Foster said...

Hi Sorry late reply been on holiday, Yes their is one that does online appointments its called Dental Surgery, and have outlets in

•Taman Sentosa

•Bukit Indah

•Taman Universiti

You can access their website by clicking here

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