Sunday, 13 June 2010

Eating Out in Johor Bahru at the Taste of Pontain Restaurant

Eating Out in Johor Bahru  is one of my favorite things to do, yesterday we went out for lunch to a restaurant in the Sutera area not far from the Mall,
It was called Taste of Pontian Restaurant and I can tell you it is excellent, the food is to die for.

Every dish that was served tasted so good on its own but when added to the other dishes became absolutely superb.

This is Picture on the wall showing some of the dishes that they serve up.

We had Fried rice, Fish on sauce, vegetables and hot ribs curry And I'm sorry but it look so nice we started eating before I could take pictures before I knew it, it was all gone yum yum but this is the remains.

Of course this only goes to enhance my proclamation that it was to die for only bone survived..... Cost for all dishes and drinks was RM61.70.

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