Saturday, 26 June 2010

Expat Living Expenses - In Johor Bahru Malaysia.

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Living an expat lifestyle we tend to overspend at first, but then your realize with the heat over here its best to buy fresh every other day.
I used to waste so much stuff when I first came over from the UK.
One thing it does is make you keep a clean house, or suffer the invasion of ants that will do the cleaning for you.
Then you flip the coin and hey presto you realizes that you got no heating bills. (Ok ac at night) but that’s it really. 

Defiantly I find more positive things here like…

  1. Fuel for my car RM1.80 per litre = 38p in equivalent UK cost.
  2. Insurance fully comp for 2ltr civic RM1070 = UK cost 191.00
  3. Car Tax RM 365 =UK cost equivalent 65.17
  4. Weekly shopping RM 199.00 = 35 pounds UK
  5. One litre of Milk     RM 4.59….. = 72p in UK
  6. French bread      RM 1.59…… = 28p in UK
  7. Bottle red wine   RM 30……….= 5.35 in UK cost
  8. White wine         RM 30……….= 5.35p UK cost
  9. Cigarettes are very expensive here (not that I use them!)              RM 8.60………= would be 1.50 UK cost
  10. Local meal out for two with about 5 dishes and drinks                   Rm 26………. = 4.64p in UK cost
  11. Italian meal for two with wine and coffee
  12.                         RM120………. = 21.42p in UK cost.

Rental on the condominium unit, that’s got fantastic views over Johor and Singapore.
For about 1600sq ft area, with 3 bed, 3 bath, and at Rm1600 per month = UK cost 285.71 in Centre of JB.
It’s only 5 min walk to City Square Shopping mall,
If you have item you want priced over here for your reference, Please leave a comment and I’ll look it up.
What you waiting for – Sell that house and come live the good life in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


Jacques said...

Thanks for sharing. Life seems to be a bit more expensive in JB than in KL. Do you also find that official inflation is much lower than what our grocer bill says ?

John J Foster said...

Really WOW and I thought KL was much more expensive, It just goes to show, it's all about knowing where to shop for the good deals.

maybe youcan give us some idea of cost in kl.

best regards John

Jacques said...

I actually wanted to say the contrary ^^

The main difference is the apartment rent- 2K to 3.5K for a decent one with two beds in town. For the rest, prices are pretty much the same - only shocker is the price of bread. French bread cost a bomb here.

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