Friday, 11 June 2010

GOLD Medal for Johor Gymnast, Wan Mohd Akmal Hakim

 GOLD Medal for Johor Gymnast

WELL DONE  Wan Mohd Akmal Hakim- Getting the gold for Johor  is such an achievement, one that has not been done for so many years.

Johor Gymnast Wan Mohd Akmal Hakim, is the 2010 Gold Medal Winner at the 13th SUKMA Games.

Johor gymnast caused an  upset in the gymnastic arena when he won the men's artistic all-round individual gold.

Below is the Johor Gymnast at this years Chingay  Parade
Chingay originated as a festival to celebrate the end of the harvesting season in China, but in Malaysia, especially in Johor, it is the annual “outing” of the deities from the Johor Ancient Chinese temple.
 These are just a few of the pictures from the parade but it's a wonderful time of the year I look forward too.

Families out supporting there children that are taking part, Johor is a great place if like me you like Parades.

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