Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ideal Outside Living by John Foster


They say a picture can say a thousand words? what does this picture say to you?.

For me this is the ideal outside space complimented with that sea view.

Of course the problem is finding properties overlooking the sea without costing you an arm and a leg.

And to be honest I feel the only way to do this (if like me you are not a billionaire) is to locate the view first, then try to buy the land.

Once you have the land you can start to build your dream home.

This is the part I like because to have the pool and view like the ones above they tend to come with big mansions set in the grounds, but unless you are going to use it for hotel resort or have a massive family. why go so BIG?

I live in Malaysia and you can get huge houses 6 bedrooms 6 bathroom etc for about RM 900,000 – 2.000,000 or more. but if you don't have a big family, why go to such extremes.

I feel living in the tropics that more use of the outside space is important, so a single story bungalow type property will suffice.


This could be mainly a concrete construction with windowed areas and indeed open spaces that flow into the house, with say 3 bedrooms and bathrooms that connect to an open area outside maybe for the rain shower, Big open plan Kitchen and a open lounge that goes out onto the decked areas and pool.

An office area and garage with workshop, this would be more than enough for me.

Will it happen? who knows but I am looking and have all the plans ready for the type of house I want to build, of course it will have to be sympathetic to the area and blend in.

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