Friday, 18 June 2010

Keeping Fit by Punching The Bag

Ha ha I love this Punch Bag Picture, It sort of gives the impression that it can fight back, but of course that's the good thing about using a punch bag - It can not hit you back.
Up to now my fitness has been Cardio, Weights, and Swimming.
All are very good in their own rights but together has helped me lose lots of weight.

When I started the keep fit I was around 98 - 105kg with a 42 inch waist but it did not look to bad as I'm tall. never the less not nice when are told you are Obese and need to lose the weight or health will suffer.

So I did the above and sure enough I'm down to 85kg now. My GOAL being 80kg.
But I have now platoed at 85kg, so I added Boxing and Skipping to my routine to see if it will help.

Well today was a tough workout and I was so exhausted after it, but now 2 hours later I feel so relaxed.

I decided to go online and check that I was punching the bag correctly and that my stance was good for balance and found out some interesting things about it - Quote from

"Main muscles worked on the heavy bag include the shoulders, arms, back, chest and waist. Legs are also used in the process of punching the bag, to generate power through the upper body.
Straight punches, such as the right cross and jab, will help to develop power through the shoulders and chest, while uppercuts and hooks will utilize the back and arms to a greater extent.

Circling the heavy bag and throwing off combinations of punches will help with coordination. Keeping on the toes, and transferring weight from one foot to the other, to throw a specific punch, will help one to develop core stability, and, as a result, overall body coordination."

So what I realized is that, this done correctly  is - A FULL BODY WORKOUT.

Wish me Luck..... 

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