Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Manila Day Three - Ocean Park and the Zoo

Ocean Park is nothing like the other ones I have been to, but then again they do the best they can with what they got. and from the Local people I met, they seam to really enjoy it.

For me it's the people and place that makes it (or not). and in this case it was good.

Bit disappointed with the aquarium (parts closed due to renovation) as I love marine fish but as u see from pictures not really exciting set ups.

One thing I never knew was its Aquatic park so take your swimwear with you and take a cool Dip. The Kids playing in it, loved it (adults too he he).

This is a COW fish I was fascinated by it's box shape and they spikes on its head, it also had really cute eyes.

The Sea horse. and the Crocs  

The Lion fish. Ugly or what??

Keep a look out for the Musical Fountain lights up at 7pm (I'll miss it) but it looks impressive from the photos on site. More information available at the following link.

OK had lunch now onto the Zoo,
Not sure what creatures these are? but very colourful.

 this is one by the lake,

Lots of fun for everyone on this lake, you can find more information about the Zoo here...http://www.myzoofoundation.org/MYZmanilazoo.html

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