Monday, 21 June 2010

Manila Day Two - Tour of the city. Chinatown etc

Manila’s Chinatown – President Restaurant in China Town.

Not only was the food great at President Restaurant, the service was good too. I just love to try out new foods from the different countries I visit. (Some are just gross but have to try once).

Most of the food is fantastic.
beef brisket to fresh seafood's are really good and recommended by me.

Chinatown which is located along the northern bank of the historic Pasig River, shows the long history of the Chinese presence and traditions in the Philippines. The Chinese had been much involved in the business specially the retail trade and have been absorbed in a Philippine life-style.

The Chinese People I find are hard workers, in fact from what I have seen WORK is one of the main items in their life. They just seam to get on and do the job required without any moaning. This is like Singapore Work come first then family, relationships. Most Chinese I have met have put love life on the back burner to concentrate on career first.

Some pictures from the city tour.

From what I seen Manila is not a rich or well developed city but what I can say is that the people I met are truly happy living their. OK well I'm off to relax and get ready for another night time experience.


Natz said...

Hello there... visiting your blog for the first time... I love it... visit my blog too on

mattscradle said...

Hi I'm from Manila, if you haven't got to a place called "estero" try to go there sometimes, food there is very tasty. The place I am talking about is near Binondo church.
matts vacation to bohol. I would want to share our travel to the southern part of the Philippines.

John J Foster said...

Hi Natz thanks for your comments, I will look at your site.

Matt Thanks for that tip I'll try to get over to it be4 I leave.

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