Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Manila - Top Ten Places To Visit

flag of philippines
  1. Manila Bay This is my favourite place for a walk to let the evening meal settle while watching the sun set. A hit with the locals and tourist.
  2. China Town in Binondo The oldest China town in the world. A must for visitors to Manila, I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.
  3. Manila American Cemetery and Memorial A Very sobering Place to Reflect & Relax, We had a very peaceful afternoon here.
  4. Shopping – Robinson Place Mall - This is not the best in Manila but my favourite because its air conditioned, a good variety of shops, with everything you need at reasonable priced
  5. Corregidor Island About 45 minutes ferry ride, and as you leave the diesel fumes of the city be ready for a beautiful sight as the tadpole island comes into view. Very interesting with tunnels old buildings and monuments. get to know some of the history of the island, it gives you a little bit more of an appreciation for the place before you go.
  6. Greenbelt Park This is not what it sounds its actually a block of five shopping malls, good variety of restaurants and good nightlife, dance and have fun at the park.
  7. Coconut Palace Famous because Pope John Paul refused to stay in its opulence, (built under orders of Imelda Marcos, It’s all really made out of coconut shells and wood. Very interesting place to visit.
  8. Chinese Cemetery One thing you will realize is, that the dead are really looked after; some of the grave stones are like houses. It’s like a neighbourhood for the dead. Sounds gruesome, but it’s really very interesting.
  9. Avilon Zoo Having visited both this and the Manila zoo, I think it’s worth the long drive to get to Avillon Zoo. (Just my opinion of course).
  10. National Museum Not one for visiting museums on holidays, I’m really glad I did here. Grand exhibits show, features historic works of culture and national heritage. Beautiful paintings.

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