Friday, 11 June 2010

Missing My Fix!!

Missing My Fix!! - In My Case, my fix is getting online to check out my accounts do the blog, update my websites and scan for worldwide news of interest.

It's really strange to think that the Internet is around 10 years old and yet we have become so used to it ,that it's now become part of our daily life routines.

For me I have to set alarms to make me get of my butt and take a break or go do exercise. or I get so engrossed in the results of my searches that time (waits for no man) fly's by. My Internet service provider in the main is spot on and rarely do I have problems, so when I do it's a strange feeling I get, as though I'm being deprived of something.

The upside to this is that the house gets a good workout and clean or I do more at the gym.

But my main point was that in some way I feel we are in fact getting addicted to the Internet.

But being an Expat in Malaysia just being able to turn on the computer connect to the Internet and read the local paper from my home town the Manchester Evening News is wonder full.

I Look forward to the next ten years, and what new developments we will be excited by.

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