Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Nokia Express 5800 Music Phone

 I Love my Nokia Phone, it gives me so much in one phone.

Music - with this phone I can use in the gym and its speakers are so good I can work out to the music without headphones.

Camera - Takes great Photos, Most of pictures in blog are taken with this or my IPhone.

Voice recorder - Very handy to take notes while out on the road (not driving), in a cafe or for instant record of things I want to refer to later.

Video Recorder - Great for occasional video.

Wireless Internet Use - I use it a lot when in cafes you tube videos are my favorite.

Very easy to use phone, 

Now the bad points, 

Never know how messages will open - they should open depending on how the phone is held ie: upright message should be upright , on the side the message should be on the side, but mine always show opposite to how i have the phone held.

Yep that the only bad point. not bad hey!!

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