Monday, 7 June 2010

My Travels Around The World : by John J Foster

My Travels Around The World.

From being 16, I Joined the navy to see the world, then travelling independently I'm astonished by the amount of places I have seen.

    As you can see by the pins I have been to all areas of the world but only seen 40% of it. I'm 52 now so don't think ill get to see it all but each holiday I plan to go to places I have not been to be4 and somehow enjoy the diversity of this world and it's many cultures.

    Living here in Malaysia is such a great experience and enjoyment of the way the many different people and cultures can and DO get along.

    Tolerance is the key and being able to accept others and their beliefs and going some way to understand the many cultures that make up this world.

    Malaysia is a great example of east meets west and how it works.

    My Next stop is to the Philippine islands on the 19th June for one week.

    Then in November we fly out (the new double Decker plane A380)  to do a 

    Cruise from Sydney on the 27th one week, then a fly/drive in Australia  for one week before getting back in December relaxed and recharged for Christmas.

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