Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Right now I feel like doing this to my computer.

Don't you just hate it when you have done about a 2000 word report only for the computer to crash,freeze on you and not only that but to lose all that work you just done.(even though I had auto save on)

I been trying to retrieve my work for the past 1/2 hour but to no avail.

Oh well, the pleasures of modern technology. NOT!! that and my other cat Mia on my lap seeking attention and to be rubbed.and petted.(of course the latter I love to do).

Oh well guess the rest of the day will be taken up by maintenance on the computer.

Ha ha I'm laughing because while searching online, I came across a site that said to enable fast shutdown in xp, Press the window's key and UU on the keyboard to shut down or Windows key then UR to restart, so I did and It did as it was told and restarted, but I never saved this work. (Lucky for me FireFox saved me and fetched me back to this page complete) but those tips make it so fast to log off.

The tips I got online, was to do a disk clean, then a disk Re-fragment, then lots of other twinks, so I'll get on with them.

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