Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Penguin Parade my Piano Lesson for this week

Penguin Parade is a duet to be played along with my teacher, it's a fun piece to play although like anything with me these days, it takes a little longer than most to grasp it.

They say practice is perfect, but I only practice 1 hour a day then my hand start to ache, so I stop with good intentions of going back but never do because something else has my attention.

But playing the piano for me is about having fun and not hours and hours of scale practice, after all it's not as if I'll be playing in front of the public. No it's just for my pleasure and maybe the family on party occasions. ha ha maybe not - they may say OK! OK! enough is enough lol.

Taking up the Piano at 52 was a decision I made after another year had passed and I felt apart from enjoying life I'd not really achieved anything. so with this I hope to see a good progression over time.  I wont be a Richard Clayderman, but at least I will have achieved something.

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