Monday, 14 June 2010

Suki The Cat's Visit to the Vet's in Johor Bahru

Suki The Cat's Visit to the Vet's in Johor Bahru

 This is the third time Suki has been to the vets for check up and injections, Suki the cat is now 6 months old and just had her third vaccination Jabs and that's it now till next year.

As a Expat who loves pets, one of the first things I did was to find a  good vets and I was recommended to go to the 
at 62 Jalan Kemunting, Taman Kebuh Teh,
80250 Johor Bahru 
tel.07-3329599 or 07-3321102. 

The injection I had done was the vaccine with check up and worm tablet cost RM53. 

(I have been using them now for 4 years for my cats, birds and fish and they have always been able to see me right away without appointment, off course a wait in reception is required until they are ready for you.) 

Suki was born in Jan this year and I got her at 3 months old, she is a rag doll cat.

This is my Second cat the last was Jasmine a Persian Cat.
Let's just say she did not have nine lives and when she passed away

I said I would not have another cat but once again I gave in and was blessed to get Suki.

She does things every day that makes me laugh so much, and if it's one thing in this world we all need, it's a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

Hi John

My husband and I recently relocated to JB from Singapore and we were looking for vets in the area when I came upon your blog. I have two Birman cats and just wanted to ask you if Koh Animal Clinic and Surgery would be a good vet to send my cats to for vaccinations and checkups?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Joyce Lam

John J Foster said...

Hi Joyce yes Koh is good vets for injections and check-ups, Costs are reasonable too.

The other one I use is Global Pets. My Cat Mia had her spay op done their and I have to say I think the scar stitching was better than when I had Suki done at Koh's

But its always good to have options, Global pets have good stores around JB each with vets and great range of stock,

lobal pets Number to call to find the nearest store to your home.
they have two in skudai, one Taman Austin
two in Kulai, one in Ulu Tiram and one in BAnda Uda Utama.

would love to see pictures of your cats, ( if you get the time.

Also use email if you require any other info.

Regards John

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