Monday, 28 June 2010

Suki Get's Spayed Today. - Good or Bad Decision?

My cat Suki is six months old now and I am taking her to be spayed, It was a hard decision as she is just a house cat high in the Sky on the 22nd floor so no other cats would get to her, but after speaking to other cat owners who had it done and the following info I decided to go ahead, But the way my stomach feels today, you would think it was me going for the operation.

Essentially spaying is a hysterectomy for your female feline

The benefits of spaying your female cat are numerous, with of course the first being no unwanted kittens. But as a bonus, this surgery will prevent some really unwanted behaviors and medical conditions:

Altering your cat reduces the risk of mammary cancer, especially if the spaying occurs before the first heat. With each successive heat the cat experiences, the greater the risk for mammary cancer;
Spaying also reduces the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer. No ovaries, no uterus, no cancer;

I mean come on who does not want to avoid the above conditions. (still something is telling me not to mess with nature).

But I made the decision to go ahead and today is the big day. and this is what swung it for me.

Altering your female cat reduces the risk of pyometra, a virulent, sometimes fatal, infection that attacks the uterus. No uterus, no pyometra.

The following link has lots of information to help you decide also. and care for your pets.

Suki (rag doll) has been fasting since last night and is meowing as I type telling me she wants feeding. My other cat Mia (Persian) Will be done next month.(depending how Suki turns out).

As a animal lover it's hard to turn a deaf ear to your cats meowing, especially when you know what it is they want. (Guess it's like looking after a child, they can not speak but you just know when they want something).

Well 8.36 now better go give her a brush and wash and get round to the vets Practice.

Update 13.54

(Far out man lol) look at thoses eyes. 


Anonymous said...

You do the absolutely right thing job. Cats will live longer with lesser health complications. By the way my cat is castrated, maybe he can be good friend to your gorgeous baby? Lemme know

John J Foster said...

ha ha oh you made me laugh, What is this a Dating agency for cats. lol

Suki is up and about now, still not herself yet and has not eaten much food, but I feel shw will be back to her mischeivious self very soon.

Than you so much for your comments.

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