Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Update about he Granola Bars I made the other day: by John J Foster

Update about the Granola bars I made,
hi, I just realised I never showed the finished product, so thought I'd do a quick Picture.

And I just got to tell you they are to die for.

they are so nice and tasty, and juicey not like the shop bought ones that taste like carboard.

As you can see I have tin foil wrapped around them then I just peel it back as I eat them.

Saves the hand getting sticky.


Anonymous said...

They certainly look yummy. Have you considered opening a shop?

John J Foster said...

Oh wow they tasted so nice and my first time too using the museli. But a shop no, here in Malaysia everything is so cheap that I can buy so many nice bars and cakes. Sometime not worth making them after you take into account the ingreedients and cooking time.
But I guess I just like the acheivement of seeing the results of my work.
Thanks for your comment.

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