Friday, 25 June 2010

We are Doomed in Johor Bahru NOT!!

This was the vision that greeted us this morning  (Doom & Gloom) in Johor Bahru at 6.30am and just got worse.

Now the rain atacking us from Singapore ( Hey Singapore - Keep your Rain lol)

Now we completly covered by the Downpour

But you Know what? It don't matter one little bit because all it does is water all the greenery that's around Johor Bahru.

And full credit to the Coucil workers, who look after all the gardens on the road side plantings and parks. They look fantastic.

I just love Johor Bahru because the the plants are well manitained and the rain just helps them to grow and bloom, so next time it rains, think about our nature and how its just giving our plants a drink.

And being an expat, I am amazed at how it can all change within an hour to full Sunshine again.

I say this because I'm from England UK, and it always rains and rains and rains sometimes for weeks before we see a peek of the sun. No wonder everyone back home get down in the dumps.
Now its 11am and its like this.

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