Saturday, 5 June 2010

What to do Today in Johor Bahru : by John J Foster

What to do today!  was a good question, as the weather was overcast but warm. I looked down at the pool to see if it was busy and found it empty. Normally it would be very busy with the children running about and using the slide all having fun, but not today - How strange the first day of the school holidays and the pool empty!!
So I looked over to the tennis courts and they two empty, normally boys would be playing football or tennis or badminton. This began to feel very strange so I went down to investigate, only to find it all deserted.

So I decided to go back up and read the papers on the balcony and enjoy the peace and quite, My balcony is my retreat I set it out with lots of plants and water features,  I have wind chimes and it can be very relaxing to lay back and just listen to the world around me, the birds singing.

The train (Eastern & Orient Express) as it passes by the Wadihana village In Johor Bahru. heading it's way up to Vientiene. Laos. I love to see this train as it passes and imagine the people who have spent a lot of money for their passage on this train (RM 4.630.00 for one nights stay including all meals) Dressing up for the gastronomic delights and quality wines they will be having in the dinning car.The Eastern & Orient Express leaves Singapore to Bangkok and is its best selling trip, which I'm told is booked up to nine months in advance.
In this picture you can see the rear observation car that they can retire to smoke and relax while watching the world go by. I once read that the stewards give the passengers a different table to sit at each meal time so they can meet many of the other passengers. (Of course it's not compulsory) They also have a bar car with Piano and the Pianist Peter Consigliere plays beautifully and in his element changing from one position to another, knees backward and standing. He plays each night from 6.30pm.

OK back to reality what to do today!! Of course Chill out read papers, I just put a full chicken in to cook after its been in marinade all morning and it smells Devinne yum yum.

Hopefully the sun will make an appearance later and I'll go down for swim - If not I'll go to the gym. before getting ready to hit the town and party.

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