Thursday, 29 July 2010

Buying A Piano in Johor Bahru

Old style grand pianoImage by Davide Cassenti via Flickr
Buying a piano is not something one should do on a whim, ha ha easy said than done but as a piano is an expensive item it would be wise to identify exactly the use the piano is going to get.

I have a friend who recently got a grand piano for his new Pad but guess what? He can not play, but he still love the look of the grand sitting their majestically in his living room. (but I am glad because I can play it when I visit him) makes a change than playing my digital piano at home.

But seriously you should take great care when buying a piano, for instance did you know the atmosphere plays havoc with a piano as does the air conditioning - Pianos are finely tuned instruments and will adapt to their environment but they hate moisture of any kind, also to much heat can warp them over time but fear not. A good piano dealer will be able to put your mind at rest.

My Recommendation is Peter Siow at Creative Piano.

 Links to good free information.

Below are some good books about buying a piano and what to watch for.

The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying a Piano

Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer: Supplement to The Piano Book (Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer: The Definitive Guide to Buying New, Used & Restored Acoustic & Acous)

Tipbook Piano - The Complete Guide - Piano Buying, Piano Maintenance, and Piano Playing

Below are some links to other blogs and website for more information.


Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Ooo good post..envy people with a grand piano..looks so cool. Even better when they can play it tho..
Check the movie out, its one of those summer flicks.

Anonymous said...

Went to check them out at their JB showroom. I was disappointed with the service i got. Their sale staff ganged up to keep pushing the single Kawai grand piano they wanted to sell instead of answering my questions on the range of grand pianos they have. Definitely not going back.

John J Foster said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry to hear of your visit that was not up to your expectations, and also surprised by your comment ganged up on you because their is only one old guy called Peter and an old lady that runs the shop anyone else is a student their to practice.

Maybe it will worth it for you to telephone peter and explain your visit to him, I am sure you get much better service from him, and he would like to know whats going on when he not in the shop.

For me he was very gentle person and explained everything with no pressure whats so ever to buy.

But like you I also do not like to be pressured by any sales people, but give him another chance by calling him before your visit, make sure he is the one to attend to you - after all it's him livelihood at stake.

Hope you have a great Christmas, if you want to know anything about pianos you can email me. I can put you in-touch with my piano teacher who know's most people in JB connected with music.

regards John

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