Friday, 16 July 2010

The day has gone by so Quick

I have spent most of the day updating one of my websites from the UK. - (shopping website) and completing another was amazed at how the time passed me by. before I knew it, It was gone 1pm I had been at it since 7am.

Time for a swim to loosen my body - it had become so tight sat in same position for so long. The rain held off to day, but it was gloomy all the same.

And just my luck got to the pool only to find the pool boy had just put in the chlorine tabs, which is not fun to swim in. So went into the cafe overlooking the pool and had a coffee and read some magazines.

 And guess what - I looked up at the clock only to find it was now 4pm in the afternoon and I still had lots of housework to do, (most of it because of the cats chasing each other all over the place and knocking things down.) 

 Got stuck into the cleaning and then started to do the ironing, I should get a maid really, but it would probably make me lazy which is why I have not got one so far ( over 4 years in Malaysia).

Oh well it's 10pm now and just finished a bottle of red Merlot, the question is do I open another?

I did pork fillet in apple sauce and it was delicious served with rice, roast potatoes, parsnips and crusty french bread. also had green beans and carrots the whole meal was superb if I say so myself, but a dear Friend of mine use to say "Self praise is no recommendation".

OK well shower then movie maybe more wine or settle for a hot chocolate with light rum in it.

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