Thursday, 22 July 2010

Dream Car - Not So Much a Dream Anymore.

Well that was a good mornings work, I just been updating one of my websites,

It’s become a hobby now that I got time on my hands, but the good thing is I now enjoy it. of course it take many hours of work, doing the research and collecting all the relevant information before I put it all together and then,  Hey Presto!! - My creation comes alive.


OK it may not be to everyone's taste but I get lots of emails saying thanks because it not all about the new cars, to me the classics take some beating, but if you put me on the spot for which one is my favourite then its the one in the picture

My Dream Car -The Mercedes SLk

However I really love the new one at around 27,000 pounds See the video – and tell me what you think!!!.


mercedes dealer virginia said...

This isn't only yours but it is also my dream car. To buy such a Mercedes is a dream of so many persons. I hope our dream of Mercedes will fill soon. Thanks for your useful post.

Takashi said...

27K pounds for that chic is very cheap to own..

Try getting one in RINGGIT.. leaves much to dream forever..

John J Foster said...

ha ha Nice one takashi, I am laughing because I don't think it will take you to long, not with all your body combat training,(and the future money you could earn). congratulations you are doing great, I tried it a couple of times but was not ready for it then, but it sure looked like fun.and to me thats what life is all about.

To be honest I was very supprised at the price they quoted - must check on that as i thought it would be more expensive.

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