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ebooks - Are They The Future For Our Reading Pleasures.

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You can now read books, magazines, latest news on a ebook reader, but do they give you as much pleasure.
I for one think they do, my reader is about 7" screen and fits nicely into my pockets or bag, but the main thing I like is that they are so portable and can carry thousands of different reading material to cater to my particular needs and surroundings.

how many times have you been reading a magazine and only got half way through when the tram,bus or whatever mode of transport you are using gets to your stop. no problem press a button and its book marked to come back to the same spot when you turn it on or choose it. or you stuff the magazine or book into you bag only to find it all crumpled up later when you wish to read it.

The thing is I remember having to carry so many books with me to school that they weighed so heavy on my shoulders, that in the end i had to get a satchel with wheels. (even now I see children going to school with heavy bags of books. -
with a ebook reader all of those books could have been downloaded onto you ebook reader at very little cost to the school so not only saving the education tons of Money, but the suffering of our children.

I think their is so many possibilities for these ebook readers that I do think they will be the future. Plus the cost will come down as more people use them.

That's why I put together my ebook site - apart from hoping to make some money on the sales, but also to give people the choices some are free some you pay for.
Below are some ebook readers you can buy.
    below are some other blog and sites with more info.

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