Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Expat In Malaysia Get’s Two New Eye’s

 New Eyes - Sort of. I used to wear glasses and started having problems with my vision when I came to Malaysia, at first I thought it was just the glare of the strong sun light, but after awhile I knew something was not right. So I went to my optition who said my eyes were hard to read  but that they was not good, with that I went to see the doctor at Optimax who said I had Cateracts in both eyes.

 I was shocked to find out that I  had cataracts in both eyes, I thought it was something which   was only associated with old people, and not someone who was 51.

This was a new ball game and needed some more research and thoughts before I would proceed.

Well after my searches for information on the cataracts and the doctor that would be doing the operations,

So after doing my research online about the various companies that were doing it – I finally decided to go ahead get them done. 

I decided the chance of going blind in two eyes due to having the operation was slim although possible.

 I had the work done by Optimax in Johor Bahru and with Doctor Yip Kong Yake to do both the eyes. below is my testimonial letter I sent them after it was done.

before and after photo's

image”I would like to thank Optimax Eye Specialist Centre in JB for their professional approach and the ongoing support that they have given me over the last year. Thanks again to all their staff
I was having constant problems with my eye sight, until I received a very thorough sight test from Dr. Yip Kong Yake, and now I can live and work in extreme comfort.
I considered other eye specialist companies and having gone to a few in Johor Bahru, Singapore and one in KL. I decided the Optimax eye specialist centre in JB was the one for me.
What swung it for me after meeting other surgeons was the manner in which Dr Yip Kong Yake treated me, No Pressure, and lots of information also a timescale to fit in with my busy schedule.
Also of course He was an ambassador for his own work skills by having had the laser treatment on himself.
After my first tests he found I had cataracts in both eyes, this scared me, but once he explained about what was entailed in correcting this. I was more than happy to proceed.
I had both eyes done and now I can enjoy my sports without the problems of glasses sliding down my nose etc:
Optimax is the best I have been to and the treatment has spoken for itself as 8 months later my vision is the best it’s ever been.
I highly recommend Optimax Specialist Centre in Johor Bahru to every one, in particular I recommend the services of Dr. Yip Kong Yake.
John J Foster
Johor Bahru (formerly from the UK)”

Well they did the eyes one month apart, the first one being a great success, the second eye was done in Jan 2010. and now it’s July and I can tell you – IT WAS THE BEST DECISSION I EVER MADE.
so if you are about to have it done – then I would advise that you do the research find a doctor you are happy with and GO for it.
Wow, I gone on a bit today, guess it proves how excited I am about My TWO New Eyes.

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