Saturday, 3 July 2010

Expat - Rear Ended by Motor Cycle in Johor Bahru

GhostRider 004 This morning we went for Dim Sum in Taman Johor Jaya and the food was so nice. Then we called into Jusco Terbrau and had coffee (hazelnut) it’s sweet but so tasty.

Then after some shopping decided to head home and go to the gym.

On the way back we was nearly home when we had to stop at the junction before making our turn to the right. when we heard the dreaded thud,bang wallop and the car shake.

I felt sure it had to be a car by the shake but turned out to be a young Malay guy on his Motor bike who was so apologetic and kept saying how sorry he was.

Now anyone that knows me, will know that my car and me have a special bond – I like to keep it spick and span outside, inside and looking good at all times.

So one would assume me to be annoyed when this happened, but to be honest I have adopted the Malaysian laid back way, and gave the damage a rub and said ok ok, it will polish out.

This was to great relief of the biker. who, said thank you.

One thing I liked was his manners, He took responsibility for his actions and in doing so immediately defused the situation.

Being an Expat, makes you more relaxed and accepts that things will happen and in the context of what’s going on in the big wide world, this is so inconsequential.

So when I got back to my condo unit I checked the damage, it was the surface gel coat and paint was damaged, so I used some clay to remove the bikes paints and any residue and proceeded to use my trusted T-cut, to blend the paint from the good area to cover the damaged area.

This needs continual circular rubbing motion with pressure maintained throughout till the damages is covered.

Then a wipe over and application of some polymer polish to protect that area of the car and it’s as good as new.

repaired bumper

So MR BIKER please remember! NO sleeping while riding your bike. and I hope your day goes much better, I on the other hand am nursing a sore finger, with all that rubbing.

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Anonymous said...

Suffered the same fate three times. I give up doing anything to it. So now my car has a little dent at the rear

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