Monday, 5 July 2010

Is it a Plane ? NO It’s A Flying Car

flying car
I had to laugh on Sunday when I read this Article Flying Wheels in the New Sunday Times.
I was stuck in traffic in Johor Bahru heading out of JB towards Skudai when we hit the traffic build up due to road works and I thought WOW!, this would be so cool right now to lower the wings and fly out of the Jam.
Of course not possible, due the fact it needs 1/3rd of a mile runway to take off.
It cost RM627.000 which is great ,a few years ago this would have cost in the RM millions.
To obtain the Pilots licence you only need 20 hours seat time.
So is this the future? Well I can see it working in Rural areas but never in the city – not in my lifetime anyway.
I can see this Car would be great, for the flying doctor service in Australia, but beating the traffic Jams in Johor Bahru - NO.
But the thought of it, did make me laugh.
This is a video of the car on take off and on the road, even in the petrol station.

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