Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Johor Bahru - Theme Parks and Future Leisure Facilities

With the announcement of the Lego Land theme park in the Iskanda region Johor Bahru Malaysia - I am pleased to see it progressing.

This is a picture
Big lego blocksImage via Wikipedia
I feel that most people will relate to when they think of there childhood, Lego Bricks. the first thing I made was a plane, I remember being so pleased about it, and used to hold it high while running around making engine noises.

But it's True Johor Bahru  is about to get its very own park and become one only four in the world. I came across this video while researching about the area, and it really shows what the future for Johor and it's people holds.

A lifestyle  for the 21st Centaury.

 I have already mentioned in previous post of the development I have witnessed with my own eyes. I have good feelings about the future of Johor Bahru.

This is the time for it to shine and grow.
Lego at work.Image via Wikipedia

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