Thursday, 8 July 2010

Love Birds in Johor Bahru


Lovebirds are really good for a family to have, because they are small not loud like other parrots, and easy to train,(ha ha having said that now and then I still get bitten).

BB & GG OUT ON PERCHCost to keep lovebirds is very cheap, one bag of mixed seeds and fruits cost about RM20 but last months, plus they love lettuce, apple sometimes have fly down and pinched my toast.

In the picture you can see BB(Bad Boy) because he use to attack me when I first got him.

And the other is GG(Good Girl) because she let me handle her right away.

They love their freedom but having cats I have to separate them while they have a good fly around the house, and the cats get a good feed in their room and have a good nap while this is going on.

Here are some pictures of them free at large.


 about to give me a haircut


Ok i'm out of here P1000657

Parots side of cage they love to chew

whos a pritty boy then and the birds r ok too lol christmas shot of bb

P1010056 P1010064


P1010062 nest builders



ebed Kharistian said...

Birds are adorable. They are worth to be watched. I love birds.

John J Foster said...

Oh ebed I agree with you.
These are my pride and joy.
Thanks you for your comments

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