Saturday, 10 July 2010

Men’s Facial in Johor Bahru.

me having facial at jean lims JB Well I’m 52 and looking after myself is important, I train daily, by using weights, jogging, cardio workout using gym treadmills etc, skipping, boxing the punch bag, Swimming and lots of other things during the week.

But more recently I have notice how my skin has been drying up more than usual.

I know it’s not dehydration because I drink lots of water during my exercise, but decided to do something about it and a facial was a good idea.

It’s very relaxing too, I use the Jean Yip Centre in City Square and find them to be really professional in their work.

I also love piano music and they have it playing in the background whilst I receive my treatment.

I don’t think it’s being vain, but more of Men's personal grooming that I hope will help me go into my later years looking as young and having a good complexion as I can get.



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