Friday, 9 July 2010

My Balcony Hangout In Johor Bahru

Balcony Hangout. - Sounds like a loft restaurant/bar but no, it's just my Balcony on a very high floor in Johor Bahru.
We are over looking the city below, then the view leads us over the water to Singapore.
 I spend quite a lot of time out here., thinking about ideas and what the days ahead have in store for me.
balcony with safty door closedToday I'm stuck at home waiting for a delivery from . They supply my Whey proteins and other healthy food item's I use to help me keep my muscle mass whilst losing weight - Good service too.
But the benefit of living in a condominium is you can ask the guards to let you know when the parcel arrives, I can go to the gym for my morning workout then if it arrives whilst I'm in gym they will let me know.
Anyway I digress, back to the balcony hangout, and living in the tropics, one must make good use of the outdoor spaces that they have. (and yet when I look over at the other balconies I don't see much in the way of furniture's or plants etc).
water feature gardenBut nothing beats sitting out reading my morning papers with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of my birds singing in the background and the local birds too.
Plus the sound of running water from my fountain and waterfall pond. I also have a set of chimes hanging over the balcony that give off a great tinkle of sound that wafts across you.
I get lots of visitors on my balcony from birds to wonderful butterflies, bees, dragon fly's and have even had bats. but the best visitor for me each day is about 11 30 is the

Raptors of Johor Bahru Raptors that fly high above looking down around the greenery below for food.
They are so graceful the way they take hold of a wind and circle above with what looks like no effort at all.

sitting area on the balcony Also some days as I have a temple next to us, I can hear them practising the music for the weekends performance.
Then every day we get the call to prayers, I find this part of the day quite amusing because, all the mosques around us (4 at last count) they seam to start the call about 2 mins apart, then it sounds like they are competing,and give an eerie sound, but it ads atmosphere to what I now Call my home in Johor Bahru,Malaysia.

Update: you now see my balcony on its own website, - lot of plant bio filter for the pond and plants, come join me online and check it out.

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