Monday, 26 July 2010

So Much Is Happening In Johor Bahru

Tebrau Highway, leading on to Johor Bahru city...Image via Wikipedia
Since I have been living in Johor Bahru it's really in the last two years that things are taking shape big style.
But like so many other things that had started but never got finished in Malaysia, I was a bit sceptical about the big news of development aimed especially at the southern capital JohorBahru.
I now eat those thoughts of scepticism because I can see with my very own eyes that things  are taking shape in this very town.
Some of the things I have witnessed over the last two years are:
  • Highways being developed all around the city 
  • Bridges from permas jaya, senai, skudai, next to the thistle hotel heading down to the new highway being built on reclaimed land from the sea. and the other way to join the ones at Permas and onto the highway.
  • Reclamation of the sea right along the seafront heading to danga Bay
  • Marina @ danga bay
  • Marina @ Putiri Harbour
  • Quayside @Seibong Cove under development.
  • Foundation being laid along danga bay for the new high rise apartments.
  • Bukit indah now taking shape
  • Suetra Mall Area - Hugh area for eating out - One of my favorite places.
  • Customs and the Komtar areas 
  • New Railway tracks laid  
  • New Government building.
Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quara...Image via Wikipedia
and the list goes on, along the Iskander sections
Well I for one am looking forward to it all coming to fruition and enjoy the theme parks and leisure facilities. - Vision city of the Future

Johor Bahru Housing Estates: Permas Jaya, Taman Johor Jaya, Taman Abad, Horizon Hills, Taman Molek, Taman Daya, Setia Indah, Bandar Baru Uda


Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Hey John!
thanks for dropping by. Hope to meet you at the next event too!
Yep it was pretty fun. Wild bunch of people I guess.
You are very in-tuned with the happenings in Johor.

John J Foster said...

Hi Justin,
Thanks for your comments and yes I try to keep abreast of things here in Johor Bahru.
I will pop by to check out your reviews from time to time, keep up the good work.

Leon Koh said...

nice to read that the developments are coming up! keep us posted.. it may be the most suitable to retire :)


John J Foster said...

Hi Leon,

Thanks for your comment
and yes Johor Bahru is a good place to retire,I find there is so much to do.
and yes I will keep posting of the developments as I hear about them. or see them myself as I drive around.


LeiWen Pang said...

Hello from the northern state of Perak. It's nice to know JB is bustling and alive amidst all the negative comments about it. Will definitely drop by the city sometime. Nice blog!

John J Foster said...

Hi Leiwen

Thanks for dropping BY, Yes JB does have bad name but unfounded by few incidents but no more than any other big city, I love JB the people are so nice that I have met, and the city is growing up so much with the iskanda now in full swing, investments flowing in.

Like your blog also.
regards John J Foster

Horizon Residence11 said...

Dear All

Wow Nusjaya-Horizon Hill. It is love at 1st sight. As i frequent Sutera Mall & Jusco @ Bukit Indah for past 1 yr for shopping & dinning away from Singapore crowd. Chance upon Condo development in HH area & researched IDR future prospect. Took me only a week after viewing Horizon Residence to put down RM504,000 for a 1213 sq ft unit with 3 Bedroom.

Horizon Residence11 said...

The thing to happens prior to hitting 60's is Horizon Hill Condo & Iskandar development. Took me a week to research IDR & Nusajaya to put dowm RM504,000 for a Retirement Home in Horizon Residence with 3 Bedroom in 1213 sq ft. Live, Play & Enjoy come 2014. Cheers.

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