Wednesday, 7 July 2010

SUKI Show’s Mia Who is the Boss In This Household

 Suki and Mia are now getting along ok now, If you remember when we got Mia Hey! who them big feet belong toowe wondered if Suki would accept her into her home.
This can be a big thing, for the original house cat, it’s all abut territory, for instance the moment we let Mia out of her travel cage Suki started to spray her territory, something she had not done or needed to before.

And she was not happy at having this strange looking long hair bear in her area, we had them in same room for few days but kept Mia in her cage, so they could see each other and interact but not hurt one another.

Then as the days went on, we let Mia out to play while standing watch.
sometimes it was ok, other’s it got really rough.

Of course there was lots of hissing and even growling, but after a few days of Suki Showing Mia who is Boss things have calmed downed.

cat and mouse
This is Mia catching the wrong mouse again, but she is adorable, she has a wonderful affectionate manner.
And just loves to cuddle up near you.

suki focused
This is Suki eyeing up the birds in their cage.
Suki has recovered great after the spay operation, again something I was truly worried about, and after two days of nursing her, she was back to her mischievous little self.

Mia will be done after her last injection in two weeks.

But one thing is for sure, now and again you have to let them know who the real boss is, or they will run wild.

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