Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Suki still the Boss – But for how long?

Suki is defiantly the boss at the moment, but out of the two cats I feel Mia is the stronger.
and while Mia is the younger cat she is starting to fight back with Suki sometimes sending her rolling over the floor.
The following pictures shows Suki spotting Mia on her chair then give her a ear bashing.
Suki spots Mia
Suki spots Mia on my chair.
Suki moves in
Suki goes in to take charge
Suki give Mia an ear bashing (bite of ear to let her know she's in her chair)
now for the ear bashing suki gives mia.
So what does Mia do – She jumps down turns herself into an arrow.
Mia my cat spread legged
Suki says –Let that be a lesson.
I't's my turn on the computer
It’s a funny thing but before I came to Malaysia I never liked Cats. I always felt they were self sufficient and only needed us for food.
But I have now changed my opinions on that and find they have a very playful manner one which they do like to share with their human friends.
Why they even fetch the dead Geckos to share a meal with me urhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
ha ha Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age (52) WHAT! did I just say old age wow, I
better watch that, I’m 52 but actually feel fitter and stronger than I ever did,  apart from being in the navy, when i was fit as a butchers dog.
Oh well it’s 7.50am now time to go read the papers and watch the sun rising over Johor Bahru, looks as though it’s going to be a hot day today.

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