Monday, 19 July 2010

Target To Lose Up To 5kg In One Week

Well the challenge is ON. To Lose up to 5kg - Will I do it?
vegOk so the challenge is one I made to myself to inspire me to go that bit further this week and push to break out of this plateau that I'm on at the moment, I’m hovering  around the 85 – 86kg mark.
Ok my friends have said I look ok and why bother.

Well it would be to easy to say i look ok and give up or maybe just maintain that weight, but the truth is I set a target of 80kg by Christmas this year.
So while it's only July one has to push oneself in order to make it to that weight, then I can try to maintain it around my goal weight of 80kg.
Ok so here is my workout board for this week. (notice the different times for the training sessions – I read this week in men's fitness magazine, that it’s a good idea to do this. keeps the mind and body adjusting and not becoming complacent)
My Weight board for the week

Start board weight marked on it as of 8.45am. Now I wont weigh myself till next Sunday.
week board showing the start weight
Actual weight on the scale – Wow this was a surprise – good job I'm doing this challenge.(increase of 1kg over the weekend)
start weight as of july 19th
ha ha one or two deserts I had as a treat may have backfired to cause the increase – But they was good thou…

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