Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What to Expect at the Lego Land Theme Park in Johor Bahru

My Previous post talked about the progress and future of the development of the lego land park.

But this video below will give you an idea of what to expect once its opened here.

As you can see lots of rides and attractions for the whole family, One thing I have notice in Malaysia is that it's family oriented.

LegolandImage via Wikipedia
And having a place that the family can share adventures and rides and learn how to build things at the same time is fantastic. 
This is an image of the assembled vintage Lego...Image via Wikipedia  

LEGO City MiniFigure Collection (8401)
LEGO City Camper (7639)
LEGO City Fire Truck (7239)
LEGO City Police Headquarters
LEGO City Corner (7641)
LEGO City Garage (7642)
LEGO® City Police Helicopter (7741)
 LEGO City Sports Car (8402)
LEGO City Off Road Fire Rescue (7942)
LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol Boat and Tower
LEGO City Front-end Loader
LEGO City Truck and Forklift

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