Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What's In The Pot Today.

Well today I'm going to do a fish pie, not to everyone taste but its easy and taste great.

Living in Malaysia is so good because the food is so varied and tasty - not had a bad meal yet. find some tips on Malaysian cooking below.
Authentic Recipes from Malaysia (Authentic Recipes Series)
But every now and again I fancy something from my past back in the UK and Fish pie was a favorite of mine.

Lets make a start -  FISH PIE JOHN"S STYLE........

I only got Terrangi steaks with bones so Ill have to defrost and cooked then flake the fish meat before I attempt to make the pie.

So while that defrost I'll cook the frozen mixed veg some sweet corn and peas(frozen ones) I also like to use mushrooms in my pies, some lemon juice, ginger, salt & pepper. a little stock half a chicken stock cube will do any more will make it to salty.

 Now I need to make the potatoes to go on top
well for this  I'm going to cheat and use the instant brand -

Now with two forks separate the fish from the bones, add to the casserole dish then add the veg on top with the stock and other ingredients, then all I have to do is grate the cheese on top for this I am using Cheddar cheese, Then it's into the oven for another 30mins  and I'll serve with crusty french bread and glass of white wine.

yum yum. (bet you want some now). don't you?

Below are some books on Malaysian cooking, should be some great cooking ideas them.

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