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Expats Intrest Grows for Johor Bahru

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Malaysia Flag Rayon On Staff 4 in. x 6 in.I get so many request every day about living in Johor Bahru, and it's interesting the request that people have, but at the end of the day we all have different expectation of the place we want to live.

One might ask. What's so special about JB, This is a hard question to answer really as we are all different in our needs and requirements.

But the main ones are..

  • Safe and secure place to live - (In Gated and Secure residential areas)
  • The People - I find the people to be down to earth and very laid back. (nearly all speak english)
  • The Food - So diverse with it's many different cultures - Let the flavors come through.
  • Good Schools for the children
  • Place for the children to play -(mostly this will be within the condominium  or one of the many parks setup in and around JB)
  • Transport. JB has some great transport, with buses,taxi,trains, and more new roads being built as I type.
  • Shopping - JB has some really great shopping malls, that can equal those of Singapore except it's much cheaper to shop and eat in JOHOR BAHRU.
The future of JB is set to become one of the most sort after places to live in the world, if the city of the future is carried out, and I have to say that Iskanda Johor seams to be getting the investments it needs, to carry out the projects listed within its area.

Danga Bay is set to be a premier waterfront development and one of the highlights of the Iskandar Malaysia, offering amongst others, upscale properties, top-notch retail outlets, thrills and spills of leisure activities, an oasis for local and international food and beverage and top-draw events and activities.

video main
Waterfront Development Overview
Danga Bay Integrated Waterfront City is one of the most exciting areas of development within Iskandar Malaysia.  The site is accessible via a comprehensive network of main roads, International Airports, cargo hubs and seaports. Various mega projects have been earmarked for this area, including a new financial and commercial hub, hotels, exhibition and convention centre, marina and upmarket residential properties.more info at:

We all remember past projects cancelled half way though but I think that is in the past and the future looks bright, works on the sea reclamation is well underway along the straights of Johor and already part of the new highway is opened along the lido beach area.

Work on the theme parks in Nusajaya is well under way and lots of new residential areas are springing up all over. (I just hope they don't price out the locals - Already I think the prices asking for these new properties are far to high.) but the market it self will determine if it continues.

So Expats from all over the world will be looking to move to Johor Bahru as a place to retire to, (as we get older one of the things that is of great concern is quality of life and paying for it.)

So it is natural that they will be looking for a place that make the money they have go further.

I for one coming from the UK to live in Johor Bahru Malaysia have found it to be the best decision I ever made.

Of course I did like most Brits do and that's retire to Spain, but after one month I knew it was not the place for me.

The cost of living was so expensive, so coming to Malaysia for me was a real adventure, I was so amazed how much I can get for my money.

Malaysia has a lot to offer Expats. for more information you can go visit
This is the program I am on and it gives you a 10 year visa renewable.


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Welcome to have first special event theme - Mysteries

Dinner location: Sweetwater Restaurant Western cuisine (No.116, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia) 016746 0391

Date/Time: 10th Dec 2012/7pm onward

dress code/Theme: Female & Male dress up nicely with masks on the face

See you all there!

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