Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gloomy Day in Johor Bahru

Rainy day in August 2010 in JB
So gloomy looking out through my window today, In fact its so bad I can not see Singapore anymore.

But fear not for in Johor Bahru their are so many things that you can do even when it rains.

From my childhood memories one if the times i enjoyed most, was when it was raining outside, Why? you may ask, well when it rained outside we had rainy day activities inside.

One in particular was the Wiggle game, and we had to wiggle parts of our bodies, it was so much fun, then their was the board game, kplonk, yo yo's, so many things.

However as an adult I tend to do most of the house cleaning when its gloomy outside, or the ironing. or maybe kick the old feet up and watch a movie.

Other things to do when it rains in Johor  Bahru, go play bowling, see a movie, visit the mall s and treat yourself - get a facial, or your nails done and that goes for the guys too, having a facial is so relaxing and having my nails done by a professional is so much better as they cut away all the dead skin around your nails and cuticles.

But to day it's my Piano Lessons, so I'll make a day of it and go have a nice lunch, do my lesson then go to tescos and do the weekly shopping.

Looking for Raniy Day Activitires for your Kids check out some of the books below for ideas.

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