Sunday, 1 August 2010

Guess! What I Had For Lunch Today In Johor Bahru

lion of lamb
Lion of Lamb with Mint sauce and potato salad sautéed mushrooms and green salad.
starter was chicken soup, drink was cappuccino and desert was tiramisu.
Also order take away of grilled chicken pasta and grilled salmon pasta for our tea.
But I know what you thinking. OK tell us where you had this. ha ha
To be honest I was taken on a secret meal so had eyes covered. we play this game to see if the person blindfolded can identify the restaurant by its set up and layout.
  1. I got it right = Italian
  2. I had been be4 because recognised the staff and sliding door as we entered.
  3. Free Lemon water on sit down.
But we was having so much fun and laughing I forgot to take down any details except for the above photo.
Sorry for now but I will of course try and find it out for you later.
All I can say is the food was so nice and tasty.

Lamb ... Roasted, Baked, Grilled, Stewed

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